Refunds & Exchanges

  1. You’ll be covered by our Limited Warranty if you have activated the registration number on the website.
  2. Our warranty extends to the original owner and is valid for three years from the date of purchase.
  3. First year of ownership: Satisfaction guaranteed with limited exceptions. If you’re not happy, contact us for a refund or exchange. The refund applies to the product cost only and excludes freight costs, import duties and other charges that may apply in getting the belt to you. Alternatively we can exchange your belt for a new one. Please insure that you return all packaging and materials in a good condition – preferably new.
  4. Second and Third year of ownership: If you are unsatisfied with the product we can exchange it. Just send us the product in its original packaging and we will send you a new one. You cover the costs of getting the faulty product to us and we will cover the cost of getting the new product to you.
  5. Unique serial numbers will be checked to ensure that the product matches your profile.
    This warranty is subject to the provision that you have had the opportunity to receive care and cleaning instructions in order to maintain the product correctly.
  6. This warranty will automatically terminate on expiry of the warranty period, and will terminate immediately if the product is repaired by any party other than KASPARI.
  7. If your product is presented for refund/exchange/repairs after the expiry of the warranty period, we reserve the right to accept your request and on what terms – we’ll always engage with you regardless.
  8. Terms of the KASPARI Limited Warranty apply to direct purchases from KASPARI and separate terms may apply to purchases from our partners, retailers and distributors etc.
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